Silver Articulated Dragonfly Pre-order – late 2020

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Articulated dragonfly pendant and chain in Sterling Silver, pre-order now for early 2020.

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I’m delighted to offer this unique sterling silver pendant, over 11 years in the making!

A life-sized sterling silver dragonfly carved in exquisite detail, it has realistic wing veins highlighted by a dark patina. It is articulated, and the wings move freely around the simplified body.

The real wow factor though? To release the pendant, simply pull the head of the dragonfly. The sleek, textured body is a pin which holds the two halves together. No fiddling around to find a catch!

The dragonfly’s wingspan is 79mm (3 1/8in) and the length from head to tail tip is 57mm (2 1/4in). With chain, it weighs at over 26g of solid Sterling Silver.

The chain attaches securely with two tiny hooks, giving you the option to switch to a different length or style of chain in future. By default, the pendant comes with a 40cm/15.5 inch sterling silver chain (to give you an idea of scale, the models’s neck size is 37cm at its narrowest point). Please let me know at checkout if you would like your chain to be a different length.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the scale and complexity of this piece, I produce it in batches. The second batch is in progress, but I’m afraid I’ve had to pause work on them for the time being. Manufacturing will restart as soon as I am able, likely some time in 2020 Q4. If you have a particular deadline in mind please get in touch and we can discuss arrangements.

This is my first jewellery offering via this website, but I have years of production experience and many happy reviews which you can read over on my Etsy Store.  Feel free to get in touch if you’d like any further information, and thank you for reading!


Also available – Dragonfly pendant storage and display box

5 reviews for Silver Articulated Dragonfly Pre-order – late 2020

  1. morag

    Here are a few comments from people who have seen the dragonfly in person:

    “The gif really doesn’t convey how spectacular this pendant is – the articulation makes it flutter and shimmer, and it’s perfectly balanced between strong and delicate. I’ve been watching
    @MoragHickman work on the design for ages and the effort she’s put in definitely shows!” – @malpinder on Twitter,

    “If you’ve seen my necklaces, you’ve seen @MoragHickman’s amazing work. Her latest creation is spectacular!” @MDisraeli

    “This is incredible, I encourage you to get in on this pre-order. I’ve seen the pendants in person and they’re just beautiful.” @harlequinworks

  2. morag

    From 278 sales and 65 reviews on Etsy I have an overall rating of 5 stars for my jewellery work – please visit my Etsy shop to read comments from happy and satisfied customers:

  3. Lyndsey (verified owner)

    Review for Silver Articulated Dragonfly Pre-order – early 2020
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  4. Janine K (verified owner)

    Review for Silver Articulated Dragonfly Pre-order – early 2020
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  5. Iain Allison (verified owner)

    I bought the dragonfly in its display case for my partner. She is very pleased with it. The workmanship* is excellent and the design of the fastening is really very clever. My partner is a birder but is interested in insects as well and spends a lot of time photographing dragonflies so this necklace is very appropriate. And the case is very well designed and constructed and shows off the dragonfly to good effect.

    *workwomanship? workership? Sometimes English language fails one.

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