About the puzzles

These jigsaw puzzles don’t look like anything else you’ll find out there – elegant designs inspired by nature or nerd-dom broken down into baffling shapes, laser-cut from quality birch plywood. They’re made and painstakingly hand-painted in my London home workshop.

Each challenging puzzle is a unique and beautiful piece of art in its own right. Once you’ve solved it, cover it with the lid and snap the picture clips in place, and it’s ready to hang on the wall to be enjoyed until you’re ready to solve it all over again.

I hope you enjoy browsing my designs, and even more solving one of my puzzles!


A Puzzle’s Journey

It all starts with a hand-drawn sketch
I refine the design as I turn in into a vector cutting pattern

I cut out each puzzle from birch plywood using a laser cutter
I painstakingly paint each puzzle by hand, glue the frame together, seal it with varnish and assemble the lid.