Can I choose what colours my puzzle or coaster is painted?

Sure! Please select the custom colours option from the dropdown on the product , and describe what you’d like your puzzle to look like in the note field at checkout. If you’d like to send a reference image, drop it in an email to info@moraghickman.co.uk

Chart of the watercolour shades I use to paint the puzzles.  I can also mix shades to match reference materials or descriptions.
Chart of the watercolour shades I use to paint the puzzles. I can also mix shades to match reference materials or descriptions.

How do you ship?

I send puzzles via Royal Mail, and select the service based on the size and value of your order to ensure they’re covered by the insurance. Generally I use First Class within the UK, and Economy Tracked internationally.

When can I expect my puzzle?

If a puzzle is in stock, it will usually be dispatched within three working days. If it is being made or painted to order ideally allow two months, but do get in touch if you’d like it for a particular date and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. Things can get rather hectic late in the year, so please leave plenty of time to avoid disappointment.

What are the puzzles made of?

Chlorine-free birch plywood, Japanese watercolour paints, transparent copolyester sheet, wood glue, gloss spray varnish, and ‘swiss’ picture clips. Small puzzles packaged in smart cardboard matchboxes, large puzzles packaged in hand-printed cotton bags.

How long does it take to complete a puzzle?

The Handful and Enlarged puzzles tend to take a leisurely 30 mins, or 15 minutes of frantic activity. Speaking as the person who has dropped them most often, I can guarantee that they’re still plenty tricky when you come to solve them again!

I don’t have good figures for how long the Challenge puzzles take to solve, but I’d love to hear from you if you’ve solved one. Our record for the Regal Dragon is 2 hours WITH A CHEAT SHEET!

What if I have to put the puzzle away but I haven’t completed it?

The small puzzles come with a box and the large ones in a bag, so if you’ve got to run just sweep everything up and you’re good to go.

Help! I’ve lost a piece!

Don’t worry! If you’re missing a piece or few, send in a photo of the remaining puzzle to info@moraghickman.co.uk . I’ll do my best to match a replacement piece to your existing puzzle.

Are you ever going to do a dog design? A squid? A beehive?

I’m constantly designing new puzzles, so feel free to drop me suggestions for puzzle designs on info@moraghickman.co.uk or on Twitter or Instagram – @moraghickman.

Could you design a puzzle for me?

Sure! I’m happy to take commissions. Drop me a message at info@moraghickman.co.uk and we can discuss turning your idea into a puzzle.

Could I sell your puzzles in my shop?

If you’re a puzzle, art or game retailer interested selling my puzzles in your shop, or know of a shop who might be interested in selling them, please contact info@moraghickman.co.uk.