Making of… hinged dragonfly pendant

Paul came to me looking for a dragonfly-themed piece, as an extra-special gift for his wife’s significant birthday.  It seemed the perfect excuse to revisit my hinged dragonfly pendant concept from 2008, but in my now favourite medium – wax carving and casting.  As discussing various design options, we chose a theme of stylised realism, […]

The Hinged Dragonfly… 11 years in the making!

If there’s something that really characterises my making, it’s that my reach exceeds my grasp: I’m always striving to realise a new ideas that’re beyond the limits of my experience to date. This tends to result in what, to the casual observer, might look like a trail of abandoned projects… For me though, it’s a […]

Another 3 things about me

To follow the first 4 things about me, here are another few: 1. Materials and techniques are my special interest I interrogate every material that’s fallen into my hands. How malleable are you? Brittle? Springy? Can I carve, melt, sand, glue, weld you? How about colour, frost or polish? When faced with a new problem […]

4 things about me

I’d like to kick-start this blog with an introduction, but didn’t feel like a CV or mission statement, so here are 7 things about me: 1. I’m strongly attracted to bodies of water As soon as I sight waves I’m off, making a beeline for the breakers. On hot days it’s shoes off and feet […]